Types of Interview in Job

Types of Interview in Job

Do you know how many types of interview in the job? it is one of the most interesting topics, read carefully.

Definition of Interview

The term “interview” originates from the Latin and Middle French words meaning “see between” or “see each other.””

“An interview can be described as a discussion between two individuals or more, The individual who replies an interview’s questions is called in the interviewer.

Types of interview in the job

Types of Interview

Here is given some following interviews, all given interviews will be held in ‘Job’ or ‘Press conference’, let’s discuss it one by one.

  • Directed Interview
  • Undirected Interview
  • Panel Interview
  • Personal interviews
  • Evaluation interviews
  • Persuasive interviews
  • Structured interviews
  • Unstructured interviews
  • Counselling interviews
  • Disciplinary interviews
  • Stress interviews
  • Public interviews
  • Informal or conversational interview
  • General interview guide approach
  • Standardized or open-ended interview
  • Closed or fixed-response interview

Directed Interview

The interview to be conducted or guided includes the interviewer using a sketch and answering particular questions within a certain time period. The interviewer conducts from a checklist and is carrying notes. This sort of interview is impersonal and attempts to disclose facts.

Undirected Interview

The undirected or non-directive interview is unstructured and encourages participants to openly discuss their skills. This interview offers candidates a measure of command over the interview, giving a chance to reflect on talents and demonstrate management and organizational skills.

Panel Interview

A panel includes a number of interviewees. This panel’s structure could include:

  • Supervisor
  • Manager
  • Union Representative
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Employment Equity Officer
  • Department employees recruiting

Personal interviews

Face-to-face conversations are where choices are taken! It may seem apparent, but dress professionally and get ready. Bring multiple copies of your curriculum vitae, writing utensils, notebook, quotes, issues, breath mints, a brush, etc. & anything that will create you feel relaxed and ready.

Personal Interviews included the following points

  • Employee selection
  • Promotion of staff
  • Retreat and dismissal of staff

Of course, these kinds of an interview is planned to acquire data via debate and reflection on how well the interviewer will behave in the workplace.

Evaluation interviews

The meetings that take place yearly to monitor the interviewee’s advancement are called the evaluation interview. It takes place, of course, between superiors and subordinates. The primary goal of this interview is to figure out workers ‘ strong points and faults.

Structured interviews

Structured surveys or interviews tend to follow official processes; the questioner will follow a predetermined agenda or inquiries.

Public interviews

An interview is a debate in which issues are requested and responses are provided. In prevalent, the term “interview” relates to a one-on-one discussion between an interviewer and an interviewee.

Interviews get a duration of time, in the context that the press conference has a beginning and an end.

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